A major hurdle to improving education is effectively delivering resources to teachers and students so that they may meet the desired district goals. Andover’s online teacher resource center, Fulcrum, allows teachers to upload and share all their content with students and other teachers, district-wide. Fulcrum then promotes the best content across the district, and thus great teachers can help other teachers improve their classroom practice. Most importantly, Fulcrum informs school leadership on exactly who is using it, where, and how, so the district can gather powerful data on teacher practice and improvement efforts. Fulcrum is the key to cultivating best practices in the classroom, developing a collaborative learning environment, and producing the data necessary to understand what is happening in the classrooms. Nothing like Fulcrum currently exists. As Fulcrum can handle all types of content, we recommend that it be employed across all subjects, all grades.


  • Teachers, administrators & students can use without training.
  • Search, follow, share, collaborate in a cloud based, always accessible environment.
  • Allows teachers to search and find standards-tagged content by using natural language searches, thus bridging the divide between complex tagging schema and everyday classroom practice.


  • A community based content management system that enables teachers and students to meet learning objectives.
  • Leadership can designate mentors, teachers can create collections of effective content, and everything can be shared with teachers and students.


  • Takes advantage of secure socket layer encryption to keep login information safe.
  • Uses Amazon’s world class secure storage service (S3) to ensure everything that’s uploaded is protected.
  • For schools and districts, has flexible privacy settings to keep proprietary content away from the general public.


  • Harness the power of data to understand what is and is not working from the classroom level to the district level in order to adjust & improve during the academic year.

Max Engagement

  • Share content via social media
  • In-app messaging
  • Commenting on & rating content
  • Create mentor-teachers to highlight and disseminate information from their instructional leaders
  • Teachers receive points and awards for displaying their best work


  • Promotes best content and teaching practices across the district, and thus great teachers can help other teachers improve their classroom practice.